Committee 2011-2012

Rozalie Horka - President

Rozalie _redHi! :)

I am Rozalie, a PPE (Politics, Philosophy and Economics) second-year student. As my degree does not allow Erasmus stay, I have to make up for the fun I am missing out on by being on the Erasmus Society Committee! :)

I am in charge of running the society. That means I should know of everything that is happening in the ErasmusSoc, or that is related to Erasmus matters (or at least I know a person who can help), so if you have any issues, any question, any problems - let me know. :)

(I am constantly checking the Erasmus Soc email account.. and obviously the same applies to facebook as well - feel free to use either!)

Also, if you have any idea for another social event for ErasmusSoc, let me know as well. We love new ideas!

And apart from Erasmus? I love dancing, travelling, music, food nights, people.. and many, many other things that I can't really fit in here.. ;) Just come and chat with me at the next Erasmus event, that's going to be much more fun!


Marijke Struijk - Vice-president


I am Marijke. I am Dutch.

I am currently a second year Environmental Science student here in York, and having a happy time being the vice-president of the Erasmus Society. :) My function involves some secretarial jobs, such as the weekly emails, as well as being involved with lots of other stuff that needs to be done. I really enjoy working together with the committee and meeting so many nice Erasmus people at the events! It's truly a great and welcoming group. :) Also, if you have any concerns, questions, suggestions, compliments, complaints, or need some help, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Happy Erasmus-ing!

Daisy Pickles - Treasurer

Daisy _red2Hello, I am Daisy. I am a final year Maths student after returning from my Erasmus year in Aachen, Germany. Having had an amazing Erasmus year myself, I wanted to be involved in the society to help ensure that Erasmus students in York have an amazing experience like I did. I also want to encourage students who are thinking of doing Erasmus to apply, so feel free to contact me with any questions! As treasurer, I deal with the budget for socials and trips and I am also involved in the buddy/tandem schemes.


Arianha Bayley - Welfare Officer

Arianha _red1Hi, I'm Arianha, and I am a second year Maths student. I like lots of things such as knitting, cooking, house parties, cats, etc etc. If you fancy a cup of tea and a chat, then feel free to contact me, and I will bake you a cake (as long as I'm not busy doing Maths assignments!).


Rohit Kishor - Social Rep


Derek Choi - Social Rep

Derek _redI am a second year full time student studying PPE (that's Politics, Philosophy and Economics). Originally from Hong Kong, I came to the UK when I was twelve and I have stayed here ever since. It is always fun to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds, and Erasmus Society has given me unparalleled access to such group of diversities. There's no point in going to another country without experiencing the local culture, and Erasmus Society is here exactly to help you do that. So, do come to our events, make friends from around the world, and you may be surprised to have discovered your own life-changing experience here!


Damar Hoogland - Communications Officer

Hello! My name is Damar. I'm a second year Philosophy & Linguistics student from the Netherlands. Although I am not and have never been an Erasmus student, I really enjoy being in the Erasmus society and meeting people from all over Europe and also the rest of the world. This is why I joint last year, and also why I am very happy to be in the committee this year. I hope we can help make your time here as good as possible!

Pedro Ribeiro - IT Officer

I am now a postgraduate studying Computer Science at the University of York. This is my fifth year in York after having completed an MEng also in the same field. I am from Portugal, and previously I have lived and studied in Belgium for a couple of years. I am literally used to the enriching experience of meeting, working, studying and living together with people from all over the world. I have been actively involved in the Erasmus Society Committee since 2007 in one way or another: I've usually held the role of webmaster and last year I served as President. I am always keen on meeting new people and helping them get used to student experience at York: I know everyone is on the same boat:) My main duties include maintaining this website, helping out the committee on any IT issues, including the maintenance of our Facebook presence and mailing list.


Johannes - Ballroom dance teacher

Johannes _redHi, I'm Johannes, an Erasmus student from Bonn, Germany. Besides my studies (at the York Law School) a big and awesome part of my time here in York is of course the ErasmusSoc. Right from the arrival the Erasmus activities where great to get in touch with many people from different countries, with the uni and with the English culture (food, language and also the nightlife =)). After some weeks of 'just' enjoying the Erasmus events, I now try to help a little and support the Committee.

So if you want to dance (ballroom/latin) with a lot of nice international students: come on over - you'll have a lot of fun! 


Last updated 05 September 2012